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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Holistic Treatment?

What are Homeopathic Remedies made from?

How are Homeopathic Remedies made?

Do I need to be referred by my G.P.?

How do I pay for my treatments?

What is meant by Holistic Treatment?

In essence, this means treating the whole person. By the WHOLE PERSON it means considering all aspects of an individual. Conditions inherited from forefathers – parents, grandparents, siblings, etc., can have a major influence in assessing any potential predispositions to certain illnesses.

An individual’s entire medical history plays an extremely important part in determining whether the body or mind is repeatedly trying to display the same problems in a different way, - e.g. a succession of boils with recurrent episodes of otitis media together with a fear of birds and of poverty could demonstrate that a patient may need the remedy Calcarea Sulphurica. If there were just a succession of boils without any other personal background it could be one of several other remedies. Mental and emotional symptoms, e.g. fear of birds and fear of poverty, play an important part in any case taking, as illustrated in the brief case considered above.

Generalities, i.e. the patient’s reaction to temperature, pressure, seasons, sunshine, seashore, storms, etc. all have a bearing on expressing the individuality of a person. Foods desires and aversions, their aggravations and ameliorations are profoundly important – a food desire can mean that the body either requires that  or some element within the food, or that the food item is bad for a person and likely to accumulate into something that could cause a food aggravation, or even a full blown allergy.

There are many other components essential to taking the case that bears relevance to HOLISTIC TREATMENT – these can be further explored in the download - THE QUESTIONS HOMEOPATHS ASK PATIENTS. It is essential at all times to treat an individual and NOT a disease label per se.

What are Homeopathic Remedies made from?

Here are some of the sources from each kingdom:-

Animal Substances:

1. The Bee    

2. The Cobra

3. Spanish Fly




Mineral Substances:

1.Barium Carbonate

2. Sodium Chloride

3.  Sand

homeopathy West Yorkshire




Plant Substances:


2.Red Onion

3.St.Jonn’s Wort




How are Homeopathic Remedies made?

I buy in all my remedies from a Licensed Homeopathic Pharmacies, mainly from HELIOS HOMEOPATHY LTD. -  as their remedies are mostly hand - made. I always order soft quick dissolving trituration tablets as I treat a lot of children and babies.

When a remedy is being made from an animal substance or plant extract, it is possible to dissolve it in a 90% pure alcohol / 10% distilled water mixture. It is then left to stand for up to a month, with the occasional shaking, and then it is strained through a press. This resulting liquid is known as the MOTHER TINCTURE, designated by the letter Ǿ. Insoluble substances, e.g. metals, have to be ground continuously until they become soluble – this process is known as TRITURATION. They are then prepared like the soluble substances of animal and plant origins


In order to produce increasing strengths of remedies, they must undergo what is called POTENTIZATION. This takes place on either the decimal X scale or the centesimal C scale. In the decimal scale the dilution actor is 1:10. In the centesimal scale the dilution factor is 1:100.

To produce a 1C potency of a remedy, one drop of the mother tincture is added to 99 drops of a 90% pure alcohol / 10% distilled water mixture and shaken vigorously by banging on a leather bound book (SUCCUSSED). To produce a 2 C potency, one drop of the 1C mixture is added to 99 drops of a 90% pure alcohol / 10% distilled water mixture and again SUCCUSSED. Any 6C potency has been through this process 6 times. Any 30C potency has been through this process 30 times. The greater the strength of potency, the more dilute the mixture.

Do I need to be referred by my G.P.?

It is not essential to have a referral from your G.P. or Consultant, but it can help any practitioner, be they orthodox or complementary if they know what other ongoing treatment a patient is receiving.

How do I pay for my treatments?

Some patients belong to a Health Insurance Plan, such as SIMPLYHEALTH. Various packages allow the patient to claim either some or all of the treatment costs, albeit there is usually an annual limit. Other patients pay for their own treatments at the time of their appointment, by either cheque or cash. The practice does not have  credit / debit card facilities.