The proof that Homeopathy is an effective alternative and/ or complimentary treatment is currently mostly available via patient outcomes and through every Homeopathic practitioner’s case reports. These are real life patient experiences.

However, scientists persist in their skepticism as to the efficacy of Homeopathy; they believe the placebo effect being as the reason for patients benefit.

If this argument held any credence then why would herds of cows presenting with mastitis have such profound response to Homeopathic remedies placed in their drinking water and why would so many vets, who are scientifically trained, be such advocates to the use of Homeopathy?

You can watch a video by Geoff Johnson, vet, Homeopath and Principal of Wiveliscombe Homeopathic Surgery on YouTube link:


The Society of Homeopaths, the Registered body of fully trained and qualified Homeopaths to whom I have belonged for over 25 years have several pages of up to date referenced information about various trials that have been conducted by a variety of different methods. You can visit their website and visit the research area to read the valuable work that they are undertaking on behalf of our profession:


Below are some of the outcomes expressed through my patient testimonials; their evidence as to the efficacy of Homeopathy.