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The proof that Homeopathy is an effective alternative and/ or complimentary treatment is currently mostly available via patient outcomes and through every Homeopathic practitioner’s case reports. These are real life patient experiences.

However, scientists persist in their scepticism as to the efficacy of Homeopathy; they believe the placebo effect being as the reason for patients benefit.

If this argument held any credence then why would herds of cows presenting with mastitis have such profound response to Homeopathic remedies placed in their drinking water and why would so many vets, who are scientifically trained, be such advocates to the use of Homeopathy?

You can watch a video by Geoff Johnson, vet, Homeopath and Principal of Wiveliscombe Homeopathic Surgery on YouTube link:

The Society of Homeopaths, the Registered body of fully trained and qualified Homeopaths to whom I have belonged for over 25 years have several pages of up to date referenced information about various trials that have been conducted by a variety of different methods. You can visit their website and visit the research area to read the valuable work that they are undertaking on behalf of our profession:

Below are some of the outcomes expressed through my patient testimonials; their evidence as to the efficacy of Homeopathy.


Homeopathy – Testimonial 1.

For a long time, the only thing I knew about homeopathy was that ‘the Royal family did it’.

So a suggestion that a homeopath might help sort out my long-term depression was surprising.

But as nothing else had worked, I decided to try it.

The homeopath listened carefully and, over a lengthy session, asked many questions - some of which I found unusual, such as which I liked more - being in the hills or by the sea? She then gave me a remedy - a single tablet. Almost immediately, the ‘grey blanket’ of depression lifted. And it has never returned.

Over thirty years, homeopathy has ‘brought me back to centre’ - to a state of being able to deal with the things that life throws at me - and other members of my family.

Carolyn Garland brings her knowledge, skills and deep experience as a homeopath to identify and treat the causes which can get in the way of living fully. Like all homeopaths, she never claims to ‘cure’ - it is best described as individualised support which allows her patients to restore themselves.

As an educational researcher, I have observed Carolyn’s work with children with a range of challenging behaviours, and have talked to many parents about the beneficial impact that this has had - not just on the child themselves, but on the wider family dynamics.

It is my observation that people come to homeopathy when the time is right and when they are open to the possibility of a different approach to life and health.  If that time feels right, then there is no more perceptive homeopath than Carolyn Garland.

Maggie McLean


Homeopathy – Testimonial 2.

Carolyn Garland has worked wonders on the family dynamics in my household. I have 2 daughters aged 14 and 5 and life was one endless battle of wills, arguments, fall outs and I was at the end of my tether and teetering on depression. My 5 year old daughter was especially difficult and I was bemused by her behaviour and didn’t know where to turn. She came to see her in January 2016 and I now have my family back!! Carolyn is professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable, she interacted with my daughter for a considerable time and the whole process was pleasant and interesting, my daughter trusts Carolyn and enjoys seeing her. I have been so impressed with what Carolyn has done for us as a family that I am now training as a homeopath myself.

I recommend Carolyn to everyone I see as I believe in her completely.

Lisa Shaw


Homeopathy – Testimonial 3.

I have been a patient of Carolyn Garland’s since July 2013, having been recommended to her by my wife who has been a patient of hers since 2000.

Early in 2013, after suffering a number of violent dizzy spells, accompanied by nausea, sweating and a general inability to be upright, I called the doctor. Initially the doctor diagnosed an ear infection resulting in labrinthitus. The symptoms continued and subsequent medical diagnoses included Meniere’s Disease, even though few of the typical symptoms applied and the influence of Migraine like characteristics. They admitted that they did not really know the nature of the problem, suggesting that only a post mortem might clarify matters. At that point I decided to look elsewhere for treatment and turned to Homeopathy and Carolyn Garland.

I admit that I was skeptical at first of the likeliness of success, but was willing to try anything.

From day one I found the consultation calming, interesting and even stimulating.  Her frieldly manner and quiet, but determined approach to understand your symptoms and problems in all aspects of one’s life was reassuring and most revealing.

Within 6 months the dizzy spells had stopped and I only experienced moments of light -headedness, which over time also diminished and disappeared.  As a consequence, I feel much stronger and in control of my life.

With regard to my migraine symptoms, they have also become less of a problem. Indeed, overall over the last 6 months I have felt as though a cloud has lifted from me and that total success is a possibility.

I would now have no hesitation in recommending homeopathy to anyone else, not least because the individual patient is treated as an individual.



Homeopathy – Testimonial 4.

I have been a patient of Carolyn Garland since March 2000.  At that time I felt that my life was out of control because of anxiety and depression caused by family issues.

Straight away I found her understanding and supportive as she looked into the history of my life and reaction to events.

Over time I felt stronger and more able to face life head on and have no hesitation in recommending Homeopathy as a solution.



Homeopathy – Testimonial 5

I have been a patient of Carolyn Garland for 22 years. Carolyn is a happy, considerate, extremely knowledgeable and caring professional. I have been seriously ill on two separate occasions in the last 20 years and the remedies Carolyn has prescribed have been absolutely wonderful in helping me to recover.

Like many others, I have also have minor health problems, aches and pains over the years and Carolyn's prescribed Homeopathic remedies always help me immensely.

Derek Brichard


Homeopathy – Testimonial 6.

I was first introduced to homeopathy in 2000. A friend recommended Carolyn Garland to me. At the time my daughter was 2 years old and diagnosed with eczema. We followed GP advice to use antibiotics and steroid cream which instantly improved the situation,  however the symptoms returned as soon as the medications were stopped. I have another friend who has used steroid cream all his life and I was very aware of the long term effects of this so was not happy to continue. At the same time my 8 week old son was diagnosed with bronchiolitis this was in October. Dad and i were extremely sleep deprived due to the cough keeping our son awake. I visited the GP desperate for a solution. The response was he should grow out of it by Spring. I didn't feel i could survive another night let alone 4-5 months. I followed my friends recommendation and took both children to an appointment with Carolyn. The whole experience was very different to any health intervention i had been part of before. The approach is underpinned by individuality, assessing my individual children in the round, taking in the whole context, creating an understanding of them as a whole. The relationship with the homeopath is for me critical to the process. The supervision offered following and between interventions is very supportive this enabled me to be more confident in my role, less frightened (during acute illness) and feel more in control. Homeopathy has become an integral part of my children's lives. 

More recently I have included homeopathy in my own well being plan. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Carolyn has supported me through all aspects of my cancer journey. The holistic approach has enabled me to process my experience and make sense of the situation. I value the consistency of seeing the same practitioner at each appointment. I appreciate the reflective approach to unpicking and identifying what is important to me. This understanding is used to align appropriate remedies to support my wellbeing. My experience of the appointments is that they create hope and offer positivity, something i have very much needed. I have moved from a world full of fear to a world filled with hope, connection and purpose. I am very grateful for the support received from Carolyn.