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The Consultation

Anyone who has ever visited a Homeopath, knows only too well

the strange and unusual questions that they are asked. This is

 because the Homeopath needs to understand THE PATIENT,

 not just symptoms and a disease diagnosis.

Each new patient booking an appointment is sent out a questionnaire

to complete and bring to their first appointment, together with (if available),

any medical test results, reports, X-rays, etc., and a list of any ongoing

prescribed drugs.

The initial appointment takes around 90 minutes, and investigates the following details:-

To summarize; the Homeopath needs to understand what makes the client function – all that is important to them, their life’s purpose, their very essence and will to live. Happy contented emotions are crucial to health. Any struggles, be they mentally, emotionally, or spiritually must to be made clear to the Homeopath in order that they can bring about balance and harmony of body and mind.

There is a Hierarchy within the human being – this Hierarchy considers that the Spirit is more important than the Mind, which is more important than the Emotions, which is in turn more important than the Physical Body, and that within the physical body, the Brain is the most important organ and the Skin is the least important level.

The appreciation of this understanding helps the Homeopath measure the patient’s progress.

One of the Homeopath Constantine Hering’s greatest contributions to Homeopathy was to realize that there are four directions to indicate that a person”s health is recovering:-

  1. Symptoms should move in a direction from above to below in the body
  2. Symptoms should move in a direction from within to without in the body
  3. Symptoms should move from a deeper level to a more superficial level, and
  4. Symptoms should reappear in the reverse order to which they came about - all as part of the path towards health.

Drawing a time line to show how ill-health has progressed helps to demonstrate how that model is being fulfilled.

In order to achieve the best results from a Homeopathic consultation, openness and honesty in providing all necessary information to the Homeopath is imperative. This will allow the Homeopath to accurately prescribe your constitutional remedy – the Similimum to you and your symptom picture, thus enabling your body to restore itself to optimum best health.

FOLLOW UP appointments are usually 45 minutes. An assessment of progress is made and any further remedy(ies) prescribed. There are some conditions that have to be observed when under Homeopathic treatment that can be downloaded under HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT NOTES FOR PATIENTS.

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