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I have worked in all areas of Homeopathy, but for many years I have specialized in working with children with behavioural, learning and developmental problems. I was involved in a research project in this field, where I had funding for a joint project between the Kirklees LEA and the Kirklees NHS. I also worked with other Homeopaths in another research project in Sheffield specific to Autism.

I am in constant Continuing Professional Development (C.P.D.). This Post- Graduate training ensures that I am up to date with all developments and research.

In January 2008 I worked in India for 4 weeks with the CALCUTTA MILK PROJECT  – a charity taking milk and Homeopathic remedies to the slums of Calcutta.

In June 2008, I, along with 8 other homoeopaths, purchased  THE NORTH WEST COLLEGE OF HOMOEOPATHY   setting it up as a Social Enterprise - my position was Clinical Director within the organisation. I was also one of the core teaching team at the college and was responsible for the marketing and vision for the college.

My interest in strengthening the Clinical Skills of Homeopathy led me to assist other upcoming trainee Homeopaths with a Supervision technique known as Direct Supervision. Here, the Student of Homeopathy takes their patient’s case within my clinic, where I oversee their technique, such that I can use my competency and experience to guide and support their learning without compromising their process. This enables them to consolidate or question their understanding.

My background was as a Chemist and Bacteriologist in the Water Treatment Industry. I then managed my father’s business – manufacturing and supplying furniture and furnishings to the Nursing Home Industry. Prior to studying Homeopathy I owned a Delicatessen and Health Food Business in Pudsey, Leeds.

My interest in Homeopathy began when after suffering with chronic kidney problems for 27 years and becoming increasingly unwell; I sought alternative possibilities and booked to see a Homeopath. Within 6 weeks I felt an immense improvement, and have enjoyed good health since having homeopathic treatment.

My Practice is  run from my home based clinic in Brighouse.

I have been involved in both the teaching and supervision of Homeopathy, and I am available to give talks to local community groups.

I am a professionally trained homeopath, registered with the SOCIETY OF HOMEOPATHS - R.S.Hom. being the insignia to verify that registration. This certifies that I work within their designated CODE OF ETHICS AND PRACTICE.

I trained for 4 years at the NORTH WEST COLLEGE OF HOMOEOPATHY, where I graduated in July 1991, then continued doing a 1 year post-graduate course to consolidate my learning.


Alongside my Homeopathy course, I trained in Counselling and Psychology to further my interpersonal skills.